Sunday, July 14, 2013

RE leg and Open try

        We had a dog show this weekend. It was relatively close about twenty minutes so that was nice. 
We went to the fun match on Friday night and I did an open fun match with Joey.  I was entered for two days in Open A, but Joey wasn't quite ready he is still consistantly missing the drop and other random stations. However, since I didn't have the sense to go in and enter Joey in Graduate Novice or even Wildcard Open, something a little easier, my game plan was to go in there get open ring experience and have as much fun as we could.

       Well Saturday morning, I look at my sheet and find that I apparently entered Joey for rally excellent B on Saturday and open A on Sunday. So we had to leave the house alot earlier than I had  planned. Since rally excellent is always so early, I had just enough time to stuff Joey in the crate run though the walk though, get Joey out of the crate and try to warm him up before we went in the ring. To make matters worse the show was super noisy and chaotic. There crates being banged up, (believe me crate don't just bang when people take them down, apparently you can bang them up too.) blow driers going full blast around the show site, people every where talking and making noise. Joey was totally freaked out by all the distraction he wouldn't look at me when we heeled and kept slinking around at the various ill behaved dogs who would bark at us as we heeled by. By the time we got in the ring both Joey and I were frazzled. Joey wasn't his best in the ring but considering all the distractions he did pretty well. We had to redo one station and there were a few lags and sniffs but over all he did very well. We qualified and got second with a 95. One more leg to go until our RE title. 

        Sunday I was a little more composed. Joey also was more relaxed and willing to work. The night before we did a really good fun match which I think boosted his confidence. Though we didn't qualify, I was really happy with his run. His drop on recall was the slide into my feet drop, and he didn't want to do the retrieve over the jump at all. His heeling was on and off with me for the fast and here and there on the heeling pattern but he was at least with me. I say his best open heeling yet, and it's only going to get better. His stays, his retrieve, and his broad jump were perfect. I was really happy with Joey there. Overall, I was really happy with our open run today. There are definitely things to work on but I do think if we work diligently, Joey does have a chance after all. I think I will try Graduate Novice with Joey at the next show though. Just to get him more confident with the exercises.

Happy me and Joey after our rally run

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maltese Specialty Results

I am finally posting the results for the Maltese Specialty this year. 
I entered Joey twice. Once in Open A obedience and once in Rally Excellent B.
Our Obedience leg was a complete flop, which was really disappointing because I thought Joey was getting the hang of the Open class. Well, in this run he failed heeling, he wasn't even with me 5/6th of the time. Then he failed the dumbbell over the jump. Wouldn't even take the jump. Then he doesn't drop on the recall and walks on the broad jump both of which he has never done before. To say that I was frustrated and embarrassed was an understatement. The only things that keep me from giving Joey away is his perfect retrieve over the flat and stays. It was nice to know that Joey could do open stays. Needless to say though, we did not qualify in Open. Our Rally leg went much better. Joey was much more relaxed and in tune with me. We got a 99 and Qed. ( I lost a point because I didn't walk around Joey after getting the leash.) I think one of the reason Joey did so awful in Open was because he wasn't used to me not talking to him when he heels. When I talked to him in Rally he heeled perfectly fine. That's the bad thing about starting a career in Rally. You get used to talking while heeling. So since the Maltese Specialty, I've been practicing heeling in silence. I guess I'll see if it works in Mid-July when I have my next dog show.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

 It been a while since the agility Trial but I thought I'd post our last two agility scores before I forgot.

          Saturday was the Standard Novice run. Joey didn't Q because of the chute. This is the second time we've missed a standard run because of the chute. I don't really know how to practice for it, because Joey does the chute perfectly at home. I don't know if it the bright yellow color of the chute (ours is dark blue), or the dog house frame around the chute, or if Joey is just nervous because of the new location. What I really need to do is find a chute I can let Joey run through that looks like the chutes at the trial, but I'm not sure where to find one.

       Sunday was another JWW run and we Qualified again! It was a 35.11 sec run because we had to redo the weaves, but Joey did really well again. So we have two JWW legs now!

        Now that the rush of agility practicing is over, we are practicing some Utility but mostly Open exercises. I will be competing in Open A Obedience at the Maltese Specialty in Orlando FL, on the 1st of May. We will also be competing in Rally Excellent B, but I'm not so worried about Rally. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our First Agility Q!!!

We got our first agility Q today! We have now done about five runs so far,  but a combination of the weave poles, endurance, and confidence (Joey's not mine), have kept us from that coveted Q. Today however, Joey did great, I actually had to run fast to keep up with him. We entered in Novice JWW and earned first place with a time of 26.36 sec! That is our fastest time yet. Maybe Joey does have a career in Agility after all. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

CD Title!

We earned our CD and did our first Open leg this weekend.
We did our first Open Match on Friday, and Joey did very well in that. Except the retrieve on flat and the out of site Stays. We were still entered for Novice the next day but I wanted to get some practice in Open.

Saturday, was our Novice A run. I was unusually nervous, well maybe not. (Does any one not get nervous?). But, I did have a harder time than usually fighting down the jitters. Maybe it was because it was our last Novice leg and a chance to earn the CD title. Joey did very well in the ring. His heeling was very nice, and though he lagged a little it was overall very pretty. His stand was rock solid. And though his recall was messy, (a crooked sit and finish) I was so happy that we made it though I couldn't care less. After that was the stays Joey was rock solid and we qualified!! Our score was 189.5 again. There is something about that score, all three of Joey's legs were 189.5.  Our Judge, Brian Cleveland took 5 points for off leash and 4.5 for on leash, and 1 point for the recall. Personally, I thought the heeling scores were a bit low, Joey did not lag that much. But, we qualified, got first place,(out of five dogs) and got our title. 

Sunday, I decided to move Joey up to Open. Though we did not qualify I was still very proud of Joey. His heeling was awful, he was totally not there, but his drop on recall was gorgeous, and he did get the dumbbell on the flat. We NQed on the retrieve over the jump, which Joey usually loves, because I had to give Joey an extra command. And we finished strong with the broad Jump. The stay's were awful as I expected. Joey got up on the sits after about a minuet.I going to start seriously practicing stays in different places, we are really having a problem with them. Overall, I was happy with Joey. It wasn't bad for our first time in Open.

Novice Pictures

Playing between exercises
Getting ready for recall
Fast start
He's off
A blur of speed (or a bad photographer)
A skidding stop. (The big bump and crooked sit come next)
The crooked finish (Me ready to jump up and down, we made it!)
Sticking around for stays
A satisfied Joey knowing he did good and full of sausage
Windy ribbon shoot

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